There are many processes at the crushing plant that might be improved to reduce the cost of production.

07-11-2019 09:59

The ways how to reduce net cost of aggregates production and to increase operation life of mining equipment were discussed in National University “Zhitomir Polytechnika”.

This unique by its structure and content event was hold on September 19. It was attended by the suppliers of aggregate equipment, customers – representatives of leading Ukrainian enterprises, and future engineers - students of Zhitomir Polytechnika.

06-11-2019 16:24

On September 19, 2019 in the Zhytomyr Polytechnic University, the seminar "Development of technologies in rubble production industry" was held. The organizers of the event are METSO, a leading supplier of equipment and services for the processing industry, as well as the official distributor of METSO in Ukraine - SV TEK. The participants are managers and engineers of the main Ukrainian producers of rubble and building materials. In total, the event was attended by over 110 participants. Among the guests of the event were also students, heads and teaching staff of the Zhytomyr Polytechnic University.

04-10-2019 13:29

Metso team with the best technologists turns today's innovations into new opportunities for customers to achieve stable results in the future. Metso specialists thoroughly analyze the equipment performance and carry out various tests with in the most adverse operating conditions aiming for new developments to provide an opportunity to look towards confidently.

13-03-2019 08:00

The key principle of "SV TEK" LLC work is an individual approach to each client and the search for the most effective solution for performing technological tasks.

07-12-2018 11:44