The first three free trade zones will be created in Uzbekistan this year, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said during his message.

20-02-2020 18:17

At the beginning of its independent formation, Kazakhstan took a course towards general industrialization. A special direction of development was the manufacturing industry, which subsequently will become the main driver of the country's industry growth. During the years of industrialization, thousands of new modern high-tech industries were created, which ensured the release of hundreds of types of new products and contributed to the creation of thousands of jobs.

20-02-2020 10:30

Gold production in Tajikistan reached almost 8.1 tons, which is a record figure in the country's history. The volume of metal production “number 1” in 2019 compared with 2018 increased by 26.2%, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies reports. In 2018, gold production by the country's enterprises was carried out in the amount of about 6.5 tons.

19-02-2020 11:28

Tajik producers produced 4.2 million tons of cement in 2019, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the republic said.

19-02-2020 11:26

Coal production in Tajikistan in 2019 amounted to over 2 million tons, which is 121 thousand tons more than in 2018, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies reports. It is noted that this is the highest indicator in the history of the coal industry of the republic.

18-02-2020 11:24