About fifty people have already obtained licenses for individual mining of precious metals and stones.

12-03-2020 11:30

Residents of the village of Sogondu, Alai district, are protesting against coal mining in the town of Taigak-Tash, which is located at a distance of 2500 meters from the village. Local residents explain their position by the fact that coniferous trees are cut down, production waste will fall into the Gulcho River, which will damage the surrounding nature.

10-03-2020 11:29

In Kyrgyzstan, on March 6 this year, a government decree will come into force on a new procedure for the import / export of ore containing precious and non-ferrous metals. Experts say that the new rules of the game can lead to an outflow of capital from the country.

09-03-2020 11:27

Almost 86% of export coal in physical terms and 50% in value terms go to Russia.

07-03-2020 11:26

Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) and town council of Karaganda region signed a Memorandum of mutual cooperation in implementing socially significant projects for 2020. The memorandum was signed by First Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ERG Aldiyar Kaztayev and mayor of the Karaganda region Zhenis Kasymbek.

06-03-2020 11:24