Combining of elasticity and strength in one body

Rubber is an excellent material for a dump truck body. Operating experience of mining dump trucks with the body manufactured by Metso demonstrated that.

Transportation of mined materials to the processing site is one of the most costly items in quarrying and mining operations. In addition to fuel and wages costs, substantial costs are required for service and maintenance. For ensuring high process efficiency, the truck should haul as much payload as possible with each round.

“Many of the miners choose light-weight body due to more payload of the truck. However, the significant drawback of the traditional light-weight bodies is their short wear life. They have to be replaced or repaired annually or every two years, which increases maintenance costs” - explains Lars Skoog, Vice President, Metso.

Metso proposes an efficient solution of this issue with Metso Truck Body. In addition to more payload, the body requires less maintenance. Metso took rather unexpected step: a solid steel lining was replaced with a light and elastic rubber one. You may wonder: can rubber be better for these tasks? Yes, indeed. Rubber lining in Metso Truck Body significantly outlasts a conventional steel lining.

“Metso Truck Body is a unique solution that combines the benefits of light-weight rubber lining and high-strength steel body designed to reveal the best features of two materials at the same time”, explains Lars Skoog.

Serial production of new rubber-lined Metso bodies was launched in 2019. The striking difference from what the owners of mining trucks used to work is notable.

Significant advantage

The innovative Metso Truck Body offers a solution in several directions at once. Metso elastic rubber lining absorbs vibrations and the energy of rock impact, prevent from reaching deeper to the body frame saving the truck body and reducing damages to the truck as a whole. Moreover, the mechanical energy is converted into the heat that dissipates. This allowed to place lighter-than-usual, high structural strength steel frame under the lining. High wear resistance design with metal weigh one third less than a traditional body resulted increased hauling efficiency and increased payload per round.

For example, the new Metso Truck Body with rubber lining in Terrafame’s multi-metal mine in Sotkamo, Finland, can hold almost 9 tonnes more payload, which improves the efficiency of the mine’s hauling operations.

“The experience we’ve had during the first few months of testing the body is positive. The capacity and the durability of the body match Metso’s promises. Higher payload and driver comfort are both top priorities for us. The feedback from the drivers has been very positive,” Esa-Tapani Leinonen, Head of Mining Department at the Terrafame Sotkamo Mine, summarizes his initial feelings. Despite the higher, 325-tonne total load, the elevated rear flange manages to keep the boulders onboard without problems,” she continues.

Universal benefit

Metso Truck Body is available for all common truck models. They can be applied for different models of dump trucks in quarrying and mining operations. The rubber lining in Metso Truck Body lasts up to 6 times longer than conventional steel lining, drastically reducing the need for maintenance. In addition, once it's time for maintenance, the elemental composition of the rubber lining means that only the worn parts of the lining need to be replaced. Thanks to the bolted fixing method, this is done quickly and easily without welding.

The new body is well protected, its wear is less during operation, which means longer service life.

In addition, the rubber lining significantly enhances the working environment for truck drivers by lowering the noise level and reducing vibrations by up to 97%.

The lower weight of Metso Truck Body in combination with the increased payload equals a lower fuel consumption per hauled ton. The benefits add up during return rounds when the truck is empty - it simply takes less fuel to move a lighter body. In general, you save much reducing hauling costs per ton with Metso Truck Body. Operation efficiency is increased for off-highway trucks.

25-02-2020 18:41