Main Department of Geology: “In Tajikistan, gold is mined in 40 deposits”

The head of the Main Department of Geology of Tajikistan, Ilkhomjon Oimakhmadzoda, at a press conference on January 29 said that Tajikistan has large reserves of gold, silver, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals, semiprecious and decorative stones.

“Last year, the State Balance was replenished with gold, coal, sand and gravel, cement, limestones, sandstones, gas and oil,” he said. “44 reports were submitted to the State Commission on Mineral Reserves of the Republic for review and examination in 2019.”

As a result, he said, reserves were calculated for various categories of minerals. Tajikistan officially gave the Chinese two gold mines for development.

Last year, individuals were allowed to mine gold and other minerals in areas with unaccounted for reserves on the state balance sheet. In this regard, the Main Department of Geology developed a map of the area for gold mining by individuals in five regions of the republic. Gold mining is currently underway at 40 deposits.

In addition, Oimakhmadzoda said that subsurface use agreements were concluded with 48 companies. The State Fund for Geological Information on Subsurface Resources has already submitted relevant information on the study of several deposits to the companies. According to him, oil reserves in the republic are estimated at more than 2.6 million tons, and gas - more than 2 billion cubic meters.

16-02-2020 11:14