Citizens of Tajikistan have begun individual mining of precious metals and stones

About fifty people have already obtained licenses for individual mining of precious metals and stones.

“A special commission of the Ministry of Finance granted 48 citizens of the republic permits to extract alluvial minerals in prospecting and freediving ways,” said Finance Minister Fayziddin Kakhhorzodaat a press conference in Dushanbe.

He noted that approximately 30 applications are under consideration. “I think this is only the beginning, and work in this direction will increase,” the minister said. According to him, citizens of the country have the opportunity to sell their precious metals without presenting any documents.

The Minister stressed that 10 points of purchase of precious metals were opened on the territory of the republic, they are located in those areas and cities where there is an opportunity for the extraction of these minerals. He noted that only through these points for 11 months of last year, 4.5 kg of gold was purchased from citizens.

Mining rules

The rules for issuing permits to individuals to extract alluvial minerals by prospecting and free-bringing methods were approved by the government of Tajikistan on November 27 last year. Extraction of alluvial mineral resources is allowed to individuals in accordance with a permit document in areas with unaccounted reserves and unaccounted for mineral reserves of the country on the state balance sheet.

To obtain permission, individuals have to contact the local financial authority and get it there, after approval by the country's Ministry of Finance.

The list of alluvial minerals, the extraction of which is permitted by a prospecting and free-bringing method, includes:

- non-ferrous and precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, tin (stony tin), tungsten (wolframite, scheelite), titanium (rutile, ilmenite, leukoxen), rare earth minerals (loparite, monazite, xenotime, fabulite),

- precious and semiprecious stones: corundum group - ruby and sapphire, chrysolite, topaz, beryl, spinel, clinogumite, garnets, jade, agate, quartz group (rock crystal), placers of antimony, fluorite and other minerals in eluvial, divuvial, proluvial and colluvial deposits.

12-03-2020 11:30