How to optimize your process and minimize your downtime

The plan on how to promote Metso Wear Protection Materials in Ukraine and switch the customer focus on long-term based overall cost evaluation pattern was discussed and approved in December 2016 at the meeting in Kyiv between Metso – Annika Lindstrom and Olga Kumber, and SV TEK LLC (distributor in Ukraine) - Alexy Tolkach.

Having a clear understanding of the tough challenge for Ukrainian market to uplift the customer’s decision making process to the level of OPEX evaluation in long-term perspective, our team enhanced by Claes Larsson, Henrik Persson, and Karl-Heinz Rossmann, started with arranging Metso Wear Protection seminar ‘How to optimize your process and minimize your downtime’ in March 2017 in two main locations for mining customers – Kryvyi Rih and Gorishni Plavni (former Komsomolsk). 

The seminar agenda was designed to cover the assigned target areas for Metso products: screening media product range, PolyCer protective lining for crushers, lining range, truck bed lining and Metso tools like Screen Planner, Truck Health Program, and Tire Monitoring System. 

There were two seminar sessions: one in Kryvyi Rih with full-size presentations for Metinvest, ArcelorMittal, local engineering companies and Technical University,  this one was arranged mainly as introduction of Metso Wear Protection Materials emphasizing on informative and educational aspects; and the other in Gorishni Plavni as a brief and more practically focused seminar for Ferrexpo operations, where we integrated in the seminar agenda some customer tailored business opportunities for this particular customer.

All registered visitors received Metso media materials: catalogs, brochures, and seminar presentations (English and Russian) in digital format as well as printed copies.

Follow-up the events we feel positive on further business development in the area of wear protection for Metso in Ukraine. With simple arithmetic operations Metso speakers managed to demonstrate quantified benefits of using our long-lasting materials against local cheap materials in 1-year and 5-year perspectives. 

We strongly believe that changing the wear costs evaluation approach will significantly contribute into safety and sustainability of our customers’ operations.

Metso wear protection materials supported by our local distributor SV TEK LLC are also available for testing on flexible terms and conditions and we are ready to share the challenge of upgrading our customer’s operations to global industrial standards.


Olga Kumber

Metso Ukraine

03-04-2017 08:12