Metso presents the N Series, a new recycling equipment product range to offer versatility and a broader choice to the scrap metal companies

Metso has expanded its offering for the scrap metal recycling industry with the new Metso N Series products. With this expanded range of products, Metso aims to satisfy the requirements of small, medium and larger processors in the industry.

The new N Series products include shearing presses and baling presses, which are solidly engineered, robust, cost efficient, production and maintenance friendly. Equipment reliability has been field proven in the scrap industry. Equipment can be supplied with Metso CARES remote access and control. The whole product range is backed by a full scope of services from local dealers.

"The ever-changing demands of the scrap processing industry require a bigger choice of solutions capable of meeting specific capacity needs, and we are responding by introducing the N-Series. New product range offers reliable technology, efficiency and safety, yet all the features necessary to meet processing needs at competitive price levels. Regardless of the size of our customer's business, big or small, we strive to be at the forefront in providing the technology and services needed to ensure success," says Daniel Zeiler, Vice President Technology and Capital Equipment, Metal Recycling, Metso.


Compact equipment range backed by services

The new N Series consists of NIS Inclined Shears, NCS Shear-Baler-Loggers, NLB Lid Baling Presses and NTB Triple Compression Balers, which can be complemented with customized service agreements.

The NIS Inclined Shear is a state-of-the-art gravity feed shear that can accept long material and large bulky scrap; it is available with cutting forces from 600 to 1250 tonnes. The NIS is a self-contained unit on the solid frame, which is easy to install and is mobile.

The NCS Shear-Baler-Logger has a true clamshell charge-box design with high compression forces for faster trapping and folding.  The multi-use machine is available with cutting forces from 600 to 1000 tonnes. The NCS is a self-contained unit that offers diesel drives and hydromounts as an option for mobile models.

The NLB Lid Baling Presses is a compact baler for small to mid-size metal baling requirements, producing bales sizes in 300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400 mm and 600mm x 600mm.

The NTB Triple Compression Baler is a high production baler that produces bales from diverse feed materials. Bale sizes are available at 300mm x 300mm and 400mm x 400mm.

 Metso - decades of experience in metal recycling

Metso has decades of experience serving the metal recycling industry. Our team of dependable experts of the company and local dealers are always close to our customers' operations, helping to utilize opportunities and overcome challenges together. During the years, we have developed one of the industry's most advanced ranges of solutions that include equipment, complete systems and a broad scope of services for the fragmentation, compaction and separation of virtually every type of metal scrap. Metso continuously strives to bring the right technology and services to ensure expanded value for our customers' processes and more profit for their business.

17-10-2016 10:21