Maximum equipment efficiency and low net cost of aggregates. How to reach the goal?

The ways how to reduce net cost of aggregates production and to increase operation life of mining equipment were discussed in National University “Zhitomir Polytechnika”.

This unique by its structure and content event was hold on September 19. It was attended by the suppliers of aggregate equipment, customers – representatives of leading Ukrainian enterprises, and future engineers - students of Zhitomir Polytechnika.

The event organizers - METSO and its official distributor in Ukraine, SV TEK - chose the seminar location not accidentally. First, a significant number of quarries are concentrated in the Zhytomyr region, accounting for a quarter of the country's total aggregates. Notably, that the largest investments made in modern technologies and modernization of mining enterprises are in this region. Secondly, young skilled engineers - specialists in mining, annually graduating from Zhytomyr Polytechnic, invest their knowledge into production.

Metso Vice President Adrian Wood recalled that Metso has been present in Ukraine for over 20 years. For this time, more than 200 pieces of crushing and screening equipment was installed in the country. Metso equipment is reliable and durable, so that most of the installed equipment works successfully. However, it requires qualitative service and maintenance. It is SV TEK company that provides qualitative service in Ukraine.

Maxim Kravchenko, Business Development Manager, Construction Department, SV TEK:

- By conducting this seminar, we strive to show opportunities for customs of Metso equipment in Ukraine. After all, qualified service, exactly such as provided by our service engineers, ensures that the equipment will work as long as possible and with high performance.

Service support for equipment is a significant part of the global Metso sales structure. So, as an example, the total sales in 2018 amounted to 3173 million Euro, of which the portion for service solutions is 1 773 million Euro, which constitutes 56%. The global service network includes more than 80 service offices in more than 50 countries, employing more than 6 400 engineers, and totally 13150 industry experts.

How it works?

High-qualified service support for equipment is a painstaking and complicated process that ensures the most productive operation of the equipment. Metso and SV TEK have vast experience in this field and work according to international standards.

Maintenance is not just the replacement of one spare part with another, it is a whole range of actions and activities. Maintenance of each piece of equipment is carried out in accordance with specially developed regulations. Service engineers conduct routine systematic inspections of the equipment, perform measurements, maintain operation and replacement logs. Proper maintenance of the equipment throughout its life cycle guarantees a 30% increase in its productivity.

How important is quality service? This is easy to evaluate, realizing that the availability factor of the equipment depends on it. If the equipment stops due to breakage, you cannot work and receive products, therefore, you lose profit.

In an effort to achieve ghost savings, the equipment owners can refuse from services based on the expert opinion of their own employees. On the one hand, it is understandable, as by this way you can save "here and now." On the other hand, who will lose in result, when a crusher or screen suddenly stops or works with a low efficiency for a long period of time? The owner of the equipment, who have to spend money to eliminate the emergent situation, pay for downtime of the equipment, or simply lose profit due to low production volumes.

Value is more important than price

As an example, wearing parts for crushers are often considered as goods. And this is the standard position of the wear parts supplier. The more is sold, the more is earned. But, Metso’s approach is different. The company seeks to understand the owner of the equipment. The ultimate goal of each owner is maximum volume production and equipment high performance.

You need three components to achieve this goal:

  • equipment should operate at maximum throughput;
  • as long as possible;
  • with the lowest maintenance costs.

Hence, it is more appropriative to pay attention to the value of the wearing parts, which affects the reduction in the cost of a ton of products, but not at their cost.

Metso protective lining is designed to protect the main frame, drive shaft and/or edges of Nordberg HP and MP cone crushers. The lining might be installed by welding or using bolt fasteners. It is made of Poly-Cer material (a mixture of rubber and ceramics). This composition perfectly corresponds to the function of the lining. High quality ceramic is characterized by unique wear resistance, and rubber elasticity allows to effectively absorb shock loads. Lifetime of this lining is at least 4 times longer than of metal one!

Are you used to working with maximum efficiency?

High-quality equipment will operate in any conditions, the question is: how long and efficient? It should be noted that each process has its own aspects. Already at the stage of feeding the material by a vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher, problems may occur relating to the material adhesion to the grates, or due to the incorrect thickness or shape of the liner, the angle of the material capture changes, which affects productivity and energy efficiency in result. In addition, there are dozens of such examples at each stage of processing. Metso specialists have a unique knowledge base on this equipment. Moreover, this knowledge is not accessible to the mechanics and engineers who have a wide work profile.

Professional master chefs know what ingredients to add to make the dish incredibly tasty. Metso and SV TEK service engineers also look at the process of using the equipment in a whole. Depending on the material and products characteristics, they identify those spare parts that are most suitable for a particular production process. Thanks to this, the equipment operates optimally.

What does it provide? Firstly, reducing costs and minimizing the risks of emergency failures. As, for example, if the crushing chamber doesn’t work optimally, this can lead to uneven wear of the linings, peak loads and poor performance.

Best global practices, knowledge and skills are available to Metso customers. Each owner of the equipment has the opportunity to obtain them in order to operate his crusher or screen as efficiently as possible, and to save on the cost of manufacturing products by increasing productivity and the life of the equipment in result.

Each enterprise requires an individual approach. One faces with a sticking problem, the other with a quick wear of screening media or crusher mantles, the other with an unsatisfactory performance and product quality. All these factors may become real obstacles in the technological process, because they cause unplanned downtime and create additional work

As a result, Metso and SV TEK specialists take into account all the features and consider the production process in general, they find points of growth that are able to increase productivity and reduce equipment downtime.

Speaking about reducing costs per ton of products, it is necessary to search for opportunities to optimize at each stage of production, and to collect them bit by bit. For example, speaking about the transportation of material, we can save on it as well. For this, METSO offers a dump truck body with rubber lining. Using it, you will transport more and spend less.

The main characteristics of METSO body:

- Lower weight (20-30% less than conventional bodies);

- Big loading capacity;

- Reduced fuel costs;

- Protection against sticking of material;

- Minimum maintenance;

- Increase uptime.

So, working with professionals and using the best world practices, you can achieve the goal - to reduce the production cost of aggregates, increase the efficiency and life of the equipment. For this, Metso offers its unique experience and best world experience. The company's engineers are able to look at the process in general, and at the same time take into account all the features of each production process.

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