MCES AB obtained Gold Seal from UC

In July 2016 MCES AB obtained Risk Class 5 - Gold Seal from UC Group. This means that MCES AB has the highest credit score; 99.76% or greater probability of survival.

UC Spektra is the most advanced tool on the Swedish and Nordic markets for managing business and credit information. UC summaries the information in a credit report and provides the company’s risk level. The values are continuously updated and are based on objective, statistically determined models. In order to provide the greatest possible precision score techniques are used in the calculations that UC Credit Score and UC Risk Forecast are based on.

UC Spektra is a business database containing comprehensive data on every company and organization in Sweden. This tool gives you the foundation on which to do better business by allowing you access to a qualified bank of information, helping you cultivate new, risk-free business relationships, or develop existing ones.

UC Seal is based on the credit scoring system UC Risk Företag. UC Risk calculates the risk that a company becomes insolvent within one year. All Swedish companies are classified in Risk Classes 1 to 5, where 5 means the lowest risk of insolvency, in order to easily assess whether this risk is high or low for a company.

MCES AB, according to the UC Spektra evaluation based on the credit scoring system UC Risk Företag, has 99.76% or greater probability of survival and obtains Gold Seal from UC Group for Risk Class 5.

18-07-2016 15:58