Ukrainian Construction Week, Odessa, October 1-2, 2018

Odessa welcomed this year’s marathon of Ukrainian Construction Week and hosted it’s participants in Hotel Complex Odessa in October 1-2.

Metso and SV TEK LLC participated actively in this event.

Ukrainian Construction Week 2018 integrated two industry conferences: Rubble Industry and Ukrainian Road.

Rubble Industry was in the focus of the first day agenda.

The conference has been attracting business professionals working on the market of the crushed stones with the leading Ukrainian enterprises for six year already. Heads and managers of the plants and open pits, producers and traders, logistic specialists and shipping forwarders, suppliers of the equipment and service specialists, totally about 120 participants have met to discuss trends and development prospects for rubble industry, expectations of the rubble consumption in road construction and repair for 2018-2020 and many other interesting topics.

And moreover, visitors discussed current problems faced by the companies in logistics, rubble transportation; the criteria of rubble production efficiency were reviewed more closely.

Oleksiy Tolkach, SV TEK LLC Director, presented our company at the conference with his report “Modern technologies in rubble production: a solution for everyone” introducing Metso modern technologies in rubble industry and their successful appliance on Ukrainian industrial market. A particular attention was attracted to video reviewing the work of Kovalska ICG companies that currently features two modern crushing and screening lines manufactured by Metso Minerals. The report had a favorable feedback of the audience related to this industrial sector.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to the Ukrainian market of the roads construction.

The fourth all-Ukrainian conference Ukrainian Road had been conducted this year pointing out the high relevance of the agenda for national business. The conference brought together the business leaders of transport companies, both manufactures and suppliers of the road construction equipment and constructional materials, representatives of local governments involved in the developing of public infrastructure projects.

In their reports and presentations the speakers provided local road construction plans on 2018-2020, considered some issues related to competitive practices between the transport companies, discussed the hot topical issues concerning the work coordination between customers and executors basing on the national laws. But notwithstanding the variety of the topics discussed, the headliner was the quality of Ukrainian roads.

Each day of the conference was ended up with plenty of business meetings, striking up business acquaintances and informal negotiations to start new business relationships.

16-10-2018 14:48