New Program of Equipment Protection Service is a service assistant of new generation.

The main goals of Metso innovative scientific activity are to improve efficiency of each customer's equipment. For this purpose  engineers and technologists are constantly working to up-grade the automation level of the production process, improve the accuracy of operations, reduce maintenance costs and cut  downtime, making the operator’s and service engineer’s work more comfortable and secure, providing at the same time the complete control over the technical condition of each equipment unit.

One of the innovative tools for Metso equipment servicing, applied at production of nonmetallic materials is Equipment Protection Service Program (EPS).

The EPS program is designed for rapid data collection and analysis of the technical condition of the equipment units and assemblies, and fulfilment of preventive technical maintenance. Under this program, our customers get the opportunity to extend the warranty period for equipment from 1 year to 5 years.

Metso plant in Tampere, Finland, organized practical training workshop to study the principles of work with the program. Our colleagues from SV TEK were the first participants of this training. The certificates confirming the right to work with the Metso EPS program were issued to participants on completing of the training program.

To learn more about the details of this program and how to increase the efficiency of Metso equipment, you can contact directly to our specialists of SV TEK LLC.

20-09-2018 15:55