Metso seminar on technologies of iron ore pelletizing - VisioFroth™, VisioRock™ Compact and VisioPellet™

Metso team with the best technologists turns today's innovations into new opportunities for customers to achieve stable results in the future. Metso specialists thoroughly analyze the equipment performance and carry out various tests with in the most adverse operating conditions aiming for new developments to provide an opportunity to look towards confidently.

In the result of detailed research, modern Metso technologies allow not only to increase the production processes efficiency, but also optimize equipment operation and reduce  downtime.

Metso is well known as the leading provider of automated control systems in the mining industry and always ready to share their achievements in this area with our customers.

Metso conducted meetup with clients of mining industry in Kryvyj Rih on March 4, 2019, concerning the application of Metso VisioFroth™, VisioRock™ Compact, VisioPellet™ technologies in pelletizing.

Brief summary on three types of technologies presented at the seminar:

- VisioFroth™ POE - new flotation froth sensor,

- VisioRock™ Compact - online rock sizer for Advanced grinding/crushing control,

- VisioPellet™ - online pellet size analyser for

Iron ore balling control.

Introducing each type of technologies the meetup agenda focused upon three main stages:

  • Hardware presentation,
  • Hardware installation,
  • Software platform.

 The meetup was held with the participation of Manager Activity Advanced Control Method, Metso France, Fred Theodore. Fred also shared his experience of using these technologies around the world and made some professional recommendations on application of the technologies.

Representatives of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, Metinvest Holding LLC, Metinvest Engineering LLC, РJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih", PJSC “Central GOK”, РJSC “INHULETSKYI ORE ENRICHMENT INTEGRATED PLANT”, PJSC "SOUTHERN MINING FACTORY", PJSC Northern GOK attended the meetup.

More detailed information regarding the presented technologies can be obtained from Metso and SV TEK LLC specialists.

13-03-2019 08:00