Tajikistan sets another record for gold production: about 8.1 tons

Gold production in Tajikistan reached almost 8.1 tons, which is a record figure in the country's history. The volume of metal production “number 1” in 2019 compared with 2018 increased by 26.2%, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies reports. In 2018, gold production by the country's enterprises was carried out in the amount of about 6.5 tons.

Also, in 2019, silver production was increased: 17% more than in 2018. In general, in recent years, gold production has increased by more than 4 times: from 2 tons in 2014 to almost 8.1 tons in 2019.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry stated that over the past five years, the annual increase in gold production was on average 20%, and that it is planned to keep production at about the same level in the coming years.

The Ministry of Industry believes that for this, all the necessary conditions exist in the republic. They intend mainly to increase the extraction of this precious metal due to the implementation of large investment projects at the deposits of Taror, Chor, Pakrut and others.

The ministry emphasizes that there are large reserves of gold in the bowels of the republic. Tajikistan's gold assets contain 137 deposits with estimated reserves of industrial gold and 127 - non-industrial gold.

According to the General Directorate of Geology under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the volume of the approved gold reserves in the country's deposits is about 500 tons.

The main gold miner in Tajikistan is the Tajik-Chinese joint venture “Zarafshon”, which accounts for about 70 percent of the total metal mined.

In general, more than 10 companies are engaged in gold mining in the country, of which the largest, along with the “Zarafshon” joint venture, are the “Aprelevka” joint venture, the “Tilloi Tochik” state enterprise, the “Odin” artel, and the “Pakrut” company.

Last year, the Chinese company TVEA began to develop two deposits in the Aininsk district. The right to use this field to the Chinese company was granted so that it would return its money spent on the construction of a heat and power plant in Dushanbe.

19-02-2020 11:28