The total cost of cone crushers operating might be reduced by optimization

There are many processes at the crushing plant that might be improved to reduce the cost of production.

Most owners, investing heavily, are eager to see the result immediately. However, in this area, the result may not always be rapid. By gradually optimizing each assembly, reducing downtime will increase efficiency.
The professionals who use the latest technologies and are the regulators of the world trends in the industry always offer the best optimization solutions. Metso company is also referred to this cohort of leading manufacturers.
To introduce customers to new technologies and solutions that will allow increasing their profits, the company conducts a series of seminars. Thus, during the seminar named “Development of technologies in aggregates industry”, organized at the premises of  Zhytomyr Polytechnic by Metso and its official distributor in Ukraine - SV TEK, this issue was in focus.

Carl Montan, CEO of MCES:

  • During the seminar, we provide our customers with information concerning the new Metso products and services. The company is constantly developing in this direction, so we are constantly communicating with customers, explaining how to improve production, increase efficiency, minimize the risk that they are faced with.
  • A customer who chooses Metso equipment benefits from the first day of the purchase and for the next few years. Buying Metso equipment, he not only buys the equipment by itself, he also obtain a package of new developments, new materials, wear and spare parts. He also buys the latest Metso technology. Besides, he also receives a service that is available in Ukraine due to our local company - SV TEK. By providing service support, we can make sure that the equipment is operating properly and it is used in optimal conditions.

Protective lining – “a must have” to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

So, that the equipment worked long and effectively, that brought more profits for a longer time, it should be protected. It is an axiom. That is what most equipment owners understand.

For this purpose, Metso offers protective wear-resistant liners made of innovative Poly-Cer material.

The lining is designed to protect the main frame, drive shaft and/or traverse of Nordberg HP and MP cone crushers. It can be installed by welding or using bolts. The protective lining is made of innovative unique Poly-Cer material - a mixture of rubber and ceramics. High quality ceramics feature high wear resistance, and elastic rubber absorbs shock loads effectively.

Advantages of Poly-Cer in comparison with traditional material - steel:

  • high quality ceramics is more resistant to abrasion,
  • rubber absorbs shock loads and reduces noise.
  • less weight, easy in operation.

Poly-Cer lining life is at least 4 times (or even more, depending on the conditions of use) higher than conventional steel lining. The liners are supplied as a complete set for applying on each type of crusher.

Equipment owners all over the world use the latest crushing technology to make more profit.

The USA, HP500 crusher, had previously used steel sheets (lifetime - 2 months). In conditions of high abrasiveness of the rock the owners shifted to Metso Trellex Poly-Cer lining. In result, it is used 4 times longer and it is practically without signs of wear.
Finland, nickel mine, MP800 crusher, steel lining lifetime - 6 months, approximate lifetime of Poly-Cer lining - 3 years.

So, co-operating with professionals and using the world's best practices you may achieve the goal of reducing the cost of aggregates production, increasing the efficiency and lifetime of the equipment. Metso offers its unique experience and best world practices. Company engineers are able to look at the process in general taking into account individual peculiarities of each production process.

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Wear-resistant Poly-Cer lining

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