In Kazakhstan, coal production decreased by 2%

Almost 86% of export coal in physical terms and 50% in value terms go to Russia.

For 12 months of 2019, Kazakhstan produced coal and lignite in the amount of 360.1 billion tenge. In view of inflation, industrial production decreased by 2.2%. For comparison: in the same period of 2018, the indicator was 319.8 billion tenge. The real growth of January-December 2018 compared to the previous year was 2.5%. Coal mining in the Republic of Kazakhstan is conducted in three key regions: in the Karaganda region (192 billion tenge in January-December 2019 against 154.6 billion tenge in the same period of the previous year, 53.3% of the Republic of Kazakhstan); in Pavlodar region (136.2 billion tenge against 137.7 billion tenge a year earlier, 37.8% of Kazakhstan); in the East Kazakhstan region (30.9 billion tenge against 27 billion tenge a year ago, 8.6% of Kazakhstan). In physical terms, the extraction of coal, including lignite and coal concentrate, decreased by 2% and amounted to 115.4 million tons. It is noteworthy that if coal mining fell by 1.8% (to 105.3 million tons), then lignite - immediately by 10.2% (to 5.8 million tons). Growth in the sector was noted only for coal concentrate - by 6.6%. However, this is only 4.4 million tons. Over the 12 months of last year, 23.1 million tons of coal were exported from the country (minus 1.2% compared to the previous year) for $ 449.7 million (plus 5%). Among the CIS countries, the main importer of Kazakhstani coal is Russia: 19.8 million tons, 90.8% of the total supply in physical terms among the countries of the Commonwealth, and 85.6% of all export coal supplies from Kazakhstan. Note: in monetary terms, this is only 59.2% of deliveries in the CIS and 49.6% - of deliveries worldwide. For comparison: 790.2 thousand tons of coal goes to Ukraine, or only 3.6% of exports to the Commonwealth countries, but in money it is 32% of exports to the CIS and 26.9% of all supplies. Among other countries of the world, Switzerland imported most of our coal. However, this is only 773.3 thousand tons (58.9% of the total volume of deliveries to countries outside the Commonwealth and 3.3% of the total export of Kazakhstan in the sector).

07-03-2020 11:26