Models of success from Metso

Equipment manufactured by Metso allows selecting the production line configuration according to customer individual needs and conditions of the particular production. Basing on the technical requirements, the equipment is mounted on different chassis, supports and foundations. Each of the selected equipment has been designed for many decades operation. Automation ensures maximum productivity and accuracy of technology compliance.

The volumes of non-metallic mineral extraction is increasing all over the world. This global trend is being driven by the development in economic and social sectors. Furthermore, the world population is constantly increasing. Urbanization is growing. By the end of 2020, the number of people living in cities will reach 4.6 billion. Housing, social, industrial construction, transport infrastructure is developing rapidly. Total resource consumption on the planet has increased 14 times in one hundred years, the average annual growth is 3%.

Demands for construction materials outpace their mining and producing, therefore there is a deficit. The problem of providing the construction materials producers with raw materials will be resolved in two directions: by increased production and efficient use, including reuse. Recycling, in other words converting used materials to new raw materials, will contribute to reduce energy and water consumption, and reduce emissions. This can be resolved with the help of only modern technologies and facilities.

150 years of experience

Metso as one of the world's leading producers of the equipment processing mineral resources, originates from Sunds Bruk Ironwork established in Sweden in 1868. Now the company has more than 80 offices in 52 countries.

In our country, the company has been operating since 1998, has 6 offices and service centers. More than 200 units of crushing and screening equipment, mainly stationary, are already operating here. However, stationary is just a method of machinery placement, rather than the equipment property. Different versions of technological equipment allow installing jaw, rotor, centrifugal, cone crushers, hydraulic hammers, and screens mounted on different kinds of chassis – tracked, wheel or stationary. Depending on the particular production needs, the customer selects equipment options.

For raw materials processing at the place of extraction

Lokotrack and NW Rapid™ Series mobile crushers are the most popular.

Lokotrack crushers are equipped with CAT diesel engines; some models include diesel-electric equipment to increase fuel efficiency and can be connected to power. The model is designed to minimize the frame weight. The housings of aggregates and mechanisms are lightweight, since they are made of composite materials. As crushers are mostly track-mounted, they able to move following the quarry face. With minimal pressure on the ground by tracks, crusher can be easily moved inside a site. It is transported on low bed trucks between quarries. Light weight makes transportation cheaper.

Lokotrack models are equipped with spacious service platforms and ladders convenient for daily operations and maintenance. Light masts for work in the dark, safety trip cables enabling emergency stop function makes safe and easy operating of the machines. Fast and safe removal of metal inclusions from the material is insured. The benefits are strong conveyor belts and solid scrapers. Crushers are designed for long operational lifespan. Process control is centralized and automatic.

Track-mounted Lokotrack crushers are in use when the expected duration of its operation at the site is from a week to several years. In this view, the optimal equipment combinations are selected for a specific technological process. The models range allow creating a production with capacity 200 to 500 tons per hour.

For better flexibility of technological processes

NW Rapid™ models are delivered in containers from factory and are easily moved between sites using prime movers. For better portability, NW Rapid™ models include hydraulic hoists and racks allowing producers to prepare them for movement in shortest terms. All NW Rapid™ series models are compact and insure cost-efficient delivery to the site. Set-up is quickly done at new site location. Mechanisms are electric driven. To make technological processes flexible NW Rapid is equipped with wider range of features rather than Lokotrack, providing the equal capacity from 200 to 500 tons per hour.

NW Rapid™ plants can be semiportable for cases of providing full-time operation for two or more years.

The Nordplant series consist of modules. Metso offers 13 predesigned layouts and production plans providing process significantly flexible. The equipment combination considers from one to three crushing stages. The plant is designed for daily operation from 16 to 20 hours within 10 to 50 years, obtaining capacity up to 400 tons per hour.

Why choose Metso equipment

First of all, Metso offers robust and reliable solutions designed to operate for many decades. The first Metso Lokotrack® model, introduced 34 years ago, is still in operation. The company is constantly innovating technologies. Cost effectiveness, energy- and water-efficiency, decrease of emissions, safe and easy daily operation are in focus for us.

Automation ensures maximum production efficiency and accurate technology compliance. The latest digital tracking and monitoring technology Metso Metrics gives you a remote access to status and operating performance of the equipment, which is convenient for both the owner of the equipment and for prompt service support.

All Metso crushing and screening equipment has the common feature: it can be quickly installed and put into operation. Both track- and wheel-mounted chassis models are available. All three options like Lokotrack with track-mounted chassis, NW Rapid with wheel-mounted chassis and semiportable Nordplant are reliable, durable, and effective, and can be operated for many decades.

17-01-2020 09:28