Visit of representatives from "SV TEK" LLC and Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group to Metso SAS plant in France

For many years, Metso Minerals has been fruitfully cooperating with Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group, which is one of the market leaders producing crushed stone, commodity concrete, reinforced concrete products and housing in Ukraine.

In the result of the long-term cooperation, the work sites of the company are well equipped with modern equipment manufactured by Metso Minerals and besides, the most advanced technologies in the field of building materials production are being introduced there.

After the production of the innovative cone crusher Metso MX, the engineers of Kovalska Group were interested in this new product as well.

The company SV TEK LLC is always ready to help and take part in the solution of customers’ production issues. In June this year it arranged a trip for the managers of Kovalska Group to Metso SAS plant in the city of Macon, France. During the visit, representatives of Kovalska Group could personally evaluate the level of the capabilities of the new Multi-Action technology and its effective application on Metso MX crusher. Metso technical specialists conducted a meaningful field tour for their guests around the plant, took part in a substantive discussion about the benefits of the new technology, dismantled the new crusher, so that they could clearly see its internal construction and design, get more information about the principles of its operation.

SV TEK LLC pays special attention to such activities, considering it necessary that customers can independently evaluate all the advantages of new technologies for their production in regards of improving efficiency and reducing costs for equipment maintenance and repair.

09-07-2018 14:07