Profitable partnership of Metso Minerals with the leaders of Ukrainian industry

In August 2017, the reporters of Metso Minerals Corporation visited the working sites of the leading customers in Ukraine - Ferrexpo Poltava Mining and Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group.

For decades, Metso Minerals has been developing and supplying equipment and complete technological solutions for the enterprises of mining processing and construction industry of Ukraine. The unique engineering solutions from Metso Minerals for each production allow to increase production data and significantly improve product quality, which increases the competitiveness of customers' products on the world market.

The team of Metso Minerals journalists always tracks and highlights interesting innovations in the production area all over the world and the customers’ achievements in their work. Recently, in August this year, the Finnish team of reporters conducted work on the preparation of videos about the complex solution of the use of Metso Minerals technological equipment at large production facilities in different countries. For these purposes, Metso Minerals film crew came to Ukraine and visited Ferrexpo Poltava Mining and Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group to film a video report on their equipment in operation of at these enterprises.

Video clips in the form of reports on production from these two enterprises will be available already in October this year.

25-09-2017 10:49