Depending on the properties of minerals, separation may be based on gravity, flotation and magnetic methods. Metso offers solutions to all concentration and upgrading methods, including classification, flotation, magnetic separation, sedimentation and filtration. In addition we are a supplier of original parts (OEM) made according to our own drawings for the following brands: Metso, Svedala, Denver, Sala.

Air Classifiers

Dry classifying uses no water, providing a very environmentally friendly and economical classifying solution. Metso designs and manufactures full range on classifiers applicable for different applications and processes:
• Gravitational classifiers
• Gravitational inertial classifiers
• Centrifugal classifiers
• Cyclonic classifiers
• Transportable classifiers

Spiral dewaterer

Metso's spiral dewaterer consists basically of an open trough with arrangements for collection of the products. The inlet flow is evenly spread out by means of a feed distributor. Coarse material settles and is continuously removed by means of the transport spiral. The material will be dewatered by drainage in the upper part of the spiral before discharge. The discharge launder for the dewatered material is easily adjusted between two positions, allowing alternative discharge into two separate bins. The clarified water passes an overflow weir which is adjusted at start-up to give even distribution of flow over the full width of the trough. A baffle plate will prevent floating materials from being drawn by the clarified water discharge.

Magnetic separators

Metso has been involved in magnetic separation for more than one hundred years. Metso has produced more than five thousand magnetic drums used in both dry and wet processing. Metso wet magnetic separators are continuously undergoing improvements to meet the everincreasing demands of our customers. Metso has been and is still the leader in the development of high capacity, high performance wet low intensity magnetic separators (LIMS) for several decades.

Flotation equipment

The RCS flotation machine is the latest design to use the circular tank concept and combines the benefits of circular cells with the unique features of the mechanism to create the ideal conditions to maximize flotation performance for all roughing, cleaning and scavenging duties. Metso offers the full range of cell volumes required for modern ore processing plants with cell sizes from 0,8 to 200 m3.

Filtration equipment

As particles get finer the resistance against removing water increases. Gravity dewatering can no longer be used, pressure has to be used. By creating a differential pressure Dp across a cake of solids, liquid can be removed by compression or through blow.

Vibrating equipment

Metso Mining and Construction is the largest manufacturer of vibrating equipment in the world. It is also a benchmark in the industry. Offering the most advanced in terms of technology products and support by qualified specialists with unique expertise, Metso is able to work with our customers to meet their screening challenges. This is proved by the numerous complexes located throughout the world, where Metso feeders and screeners operate in the roughest conditions - from huge multi-level plants to mobile plants.