Filtration and aspiration

MCES AB in filtration and aspiration

MCES AB signed distribution agreement with JobGroup in October 2020  

JobGroup is European leading manufacturer of high end filter equipment and technical textiles. 

JobGroup is one of the few engineering and textile companies in Europe that keeps the entire production chain in-house – from the fibre to the finished product or complete filtration plant. Inside the group, we have numerous experts and huge resources to use. 

This centres us strategically with our customers, which include processing, manufacturing and mechanical engineering companies in Europe and worldwide. We will service our customers from concept to finished product based on their needs and requests. 

Working in close cooperation with our customers and strategically selected partners, we shall use all our experience and technical expertise to develop, manufacture and market high end: 

  • Filter equipment, elements and service,
  • Safety products and solutions,
  • High tech technical textile,
  • All with a high functional value for our customers.

All our products and services are divided into different business segments/product groups in order to be able to address our customers needs in a relevant and efficient way. 

We provide competent product specialists in each segment. 

We make sure to utilize all our available production capacity and knowledge, which at the customer level will increase value for money. 

Our industries: 

  • Mining and minerals,
  • Water purification and waste water treatment,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Pulp and paper industry,
  • Steel and foundries,
  • Energy production,
  • Food and drugs,
  • Automotive, space and aircraft
  • Safety