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Dryers and coolers

‘Metso has installations all over the world that serve almost any industry’s cooling and drying needs. Metso’s combination of heating, drying and cooling solutions help improve processing applications across a wide range of traditional and non-traditional feed stocks such as coal, limestone, copper, iron ore, fertilizers, clays, wood fibers, polymers, waste sludge, precious metals, specialty chemicals, and consumer products.

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What sets Metso apart from the competition is the specially designed lifters that allow the material to be showered into the hot or cold gas stream. A low velocity is required, which means a low particulate carryover occurs, which improves the product yield.
Rotary dryers and coolers can be installed as standalone units or Complete systems deliveries including PLC, Dust Collection, Product Conveying (Feed and Discharge) Exhaust Gas Handling, Heat Exchanging, and Fuel Delivery Systems

Technical details

Detailed technical specification can be found on the manufacturer’s website if you follow the link on this page.

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