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Metso hauling solutions are designed to maximize your trucks’ availability and performance while reducing costs for service and maintenance, offering increased sustainability.

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Metso’s haul truck bed liners and truck bodies are made of rubber that is highly resistant to wear and impact. The optimized rubber lining offers up to 300% or more service life compared to traditional steel lining.
To increase your performance, even in demanding applications with significant carry-back problems, we offer a solution of flexible lining, low friction material, or combinations of these. The unique functionality keeps your truck productive so you can haul more material.
The rubber lining absorbs vibrations and reduces stress at every point in the truck work cycle – during loading, transport, and dumping. Its low weight and high wear resistance design reduce damage to the tray and the truck as a whole.

Technical details

Detailed technical specification can be found on the manufacturer’s website if you follow the link on this page.

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